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Paragliding Training

If you like to have any adventure paragliding training here in Manali, we will assist you, make you aware about basics of Paragliding equipment, techniques and practical experience to make you feel confident in this field. Most teaching professionals offer training in a wide range of flying disciplines, so it‘s important to understand the differences between the disciplines before choosing an instructor.

Learn to Fly with Para Gliders is both exciting and adventurous. It needs participants who are able to take decisions in crucial situations with confidence and patience.

We have basic Paragliding Training Module that covers 5 day intensive training program covering major issues.
Day 1) Introduction to Paragliding!
Day 2) Introduction to basic techniques, wind conditions and take off.
Day 3) Introduction to wing controls, flying (Tandem), brakes and safe landing
Day 4) Introduction to emergency landing & practical.
Day 5) Individual Flying

Total Course Fee – Rs. 10,000/- Per Person
(3 hours a day , participants are advised to follow rules and instructions)




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